GBI takes pride in being at the forefront of landscape design and the sustainable implementation thereof not only in our own country but also in other parts of Africa and the UAE where we have been involved in the successful completion of many projects.

We have adopted a world view that recognises us as co-workers with nature rather than masters and ruthless manipulators of the unique environments in which we find ourselves. It sensitises us to aspects of reality and reorients us to interact with the land, our structures and the environment in a harmonious rather than a destructive way.

We are aware and in support of the fact that people are an inseparable part of modern landscape ecologies and have spent decades constructing landscapes that have enabled us to define our sustainability based on the ecological needs of each site individually.

Many firms begin with sustainable aspirations but rarely adhere to them. Each project undertaken requires a huge amount of research not just of the landscape that we are about to work in but also research into the people it will effect and the bigger ecosystem that it is a part of.

With each project we are awarded our knowledge and experience continues to grow and so we are able to realistically adjust our goals and methods in accordance to the demands made of us. The GBI team and sub-contractors work diligently to find the best way to incorporate natural and constructed elements, finding beauty in both.

We are continuously striving to find better choice solutions to the challenges arising from resource management, habitat development, and the maintenance of healthy ecologies. GBI works in collaboration with trusted experts including but not limited to ecologists, civil engineers, horticulturalists and soils scientists. Often intense discussions about how to integrate best practices into designed landscapes results in connecting with various professionals from a wide range of disciplines to create sustainable working solutions.

Ultimately, our goals may seem simple, however when landscaping to create the perfect marriage between the natural and the built environment every aspect must be taken into consideration.
Our landscape designs and constructions reflect the dynamic relationships that are unique to each place.

At GBI we believe that the site dictates the landscaping and the opportunity to create an environment for humans within the natural environment that fulfills the needs of all of us to exist in a harmonious microcosm. Our designs interact greatly with the needs of each individual project and within the realistic budgets of each client. In order to realise our sustainability goals we follow regulated logistical and construction procedures as set out by the various organisations to which we are members.