Sandown, Cape Town


April 2012


Shoprite Checkers Properties


Stauch Vorster Architects


Retail / Shopping Centre

The Brief:

Create a varied  road reserve planting with locally indigenous species and seasonal flowering bulbs; create shade and comfort for motorist and pedestrians  in the parking lot ; use plants to demarcate restaurant areas within the centre.

The Concept:
The high water table and strong prevailing winds dictated the species of plants that were deemed to be suitable for this environment. Planting and placing of trees in the parking areas were introduced to subdue the strong gust of winds to protect the Shoppers with trolleys.

The Challenge:
Due to the huge parking area any greenery would have subdued this sterile environment.

The Implementation:
The landscape contractors had to work in tandem with the building and civil contractors which invariably lead to delays.

In Phases over 12 Months